Wine and rough sex


You are on your couch and watching tv and having some chilled wine, I come into the livingroom naked and my cock is all hard already. I grab your arm and take you around the couch and lean you over the couch. I start whit touching your sexy ass whit my big hands and give it a real fucking hard slap so you almost scream. Then I will let my hands search down on the inside of your soft legs down to your smooth pussy. I play whit my fingers on top of your pussy just to tease you real good. I start to play whit your clitoris while I slap your sexy ass whit my other hand untill you get real wet and beging for more. Then I will get down on my kness and tell you to spread your ass cheeks for. I will start by playing whit the tip of my tounge on top of your wet pussy and lick your clitoris real hard and good untill I can feel how wet your pussy are, then I will let my tounge slide inside your now so wet pussy and your juice tastes so good on my tounge. I lick and tounge fuck your pussy while I rub your ass cheeks and it drives you insane and you starts to scream and beg for my hard cock. Just then will I stand up behind you while you are spreading your ass cheeks whit your both hands and I slap your ass some more. Then I will just let you feel the tip of my cock inside of you, I tease you for a while before I pound my hard cock deep inside your pussy all the way in. And I grab your hair and pull you against me a bit so I can lick and bite your neck and whisper in your ear "your my slut now". I keep pounding my cock over and over while I have you by your hair and it makes you scream and beg for more, I just say "shut the fuck up slut". I keep pounding my cock so hard the my belly slaps against your sweet and sexy ass I keep going untill my cock is ready to explode, just then do I grab you by your shoulders and force you down on your kness and tell you to open your mouth wide for. My cock explodes and shoot my cum over your face and in your mouth, then you starts to tease me whit your tounge over my cock so I start to shake all over and you suck my cock deep inside your wet mouth and let me cum down your throat. When I'm all thone I grab you by your hair and make you stand up so I can kiss your soft lips and grab your ass whit my big hands...

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