THE CHALLENGE, Got a scenario and freestyling the rest




You're tied with a rope that's attached to the ceiling, your eyes are blindfolded. Suddenly you hear a door being shut, the sounds echoes so much that you can't figure out where the sound came from. You start hearing voices mumble, what happens?

I hear the mumbling and echoing footsteps approaching.

Scared I ask where I am, who are you, how did I get here?? Being met with nothing but silence I feel someone starting to cut my clothes off.

Naked, scared and cold I ask it all again, now a little more panicked.

I'm suddenly hit with a cold water spray, letting out a scared yelp in shock of the hosedown. I feel the painful sensation of instant goosebumps and start shivering.

The water stops just as sudden as it hit me.

I feel multiple hands on my body, soaping me up... and realising i'm being shaved aswell.

I now know that there is a minimum of three other people in there with me.

After another hosedown I feel something warm and soft. They are drying me off with warm towels.

The hands return, rubbing something warm all over me.It stays warm on the spots where the hands have been.

A strange smell fills the air and I start to think that it was either tigerbalm or gingerroot oil being rubbed on.

It's getting warm, almost hot from the ginger-oil, getting more and more certain thats what it is, standing there, trying to back away when the hands reaches my breasts.

Backing into a clothed body, there's nowhere to go.

Almost in tears of fright I feel hands massaging the oil on my breasts and the one behind me reaching around me to rub it on and in my pussy and then slowly, leisurely on my ass.

Finally giving in to my fears I feel tears starting to run from my eyes.

I'm trapped, naked and alone with at least one unknown and two men... theres no escape and I'm next to certain that I'm not getting out before I'm sold or raped...

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