Strapped to the bed

I throw you down over the bed so you land on your stumach, I tie you down whit both your arms and legs just like an X so you cant move and your legs are spread so wide I see your whore pussy. I let my big warm hands explore the inside of your legs slowly all the way up to your wet pussy, then I let two fingers just slide over your pussy and clitoris and it makes you to start shake all over your body. Whitout you knowing whats coming for you I slap your ass whit my big hand over and over again untill you scream out loud of pleausare from the pain. When your ass is all red and nice I pour body oil all over it and your back that makes you shine. When you are covered whit oil I start to massage your whole hot sexy body untill you are covered whit oil, I pay extra attention to your round sexy ass. Then I start to play over your tight anal whit two fingers who coverd in oil. It makes you start to moan louder and louder then I press in my two fingers and they just slide in you, I press them as deep as I can. I move them in and out for a while untill I let a third finger slide in as well. Then I start to finger fuck your tight anal faster and faster while I kiss and let my tounge play over your ass and It just drives you insane and you cant help yourself from screaming out loud. After a while a take out my fingers and you feel something else penetrate your tight anal and you feel a warm liquid fill you up. When your anal is filled whit warm water I start to lick and tounge fuck your anal that makes the water pour out your ass, I let four fingers slide in your whore pussy that are so wet while you have my tounge playing whit your tight anal. Suddenly I just stop and sit up on my knees and slap that sweet ass all red again, then you feel me spread your ass cheeks and I just pound my hard cock in your so tight and wet anal that makes the water inside you to start pour out while you scream ?fuck my whore ass daddy fuck me real good.? I keep pounding my cock in your ass hard and real deep, so deep that my stumach is pounding against your ass every time. I take a hard firm grip on your hair and pull you up against me so I can lick and bite your neck and side of your throat. I start to whisper dirty things in your ear while I rape fuck you (your daddys little whore now), then I let my tounge tip play over your ear and it feels so good for you. Whitout no warning I take my cock out, untie your both legs and arms and comand you to sit down on your knees. I stand up infront of you and order you to open your mouth wide and then I cum over your face and in your open mouth. I stick my vibrant cock in your mouth deep, so deep you starts to gag and you can feel the last of my cum down your throat while I'm shaking all over my body from my orgasm. I grab you by your hair on your neck, pull your head back and starts to kiss you and say ?thats daddys little whore alright.?

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