She's first time part 1


The sound of my footsteps was the only sound that could be heard.

Without any tension, she was kneeling down, holding her head down and impatiently waiting for my next move with a blindfold on his face.

stood in front of her and stared at her delicate body, her thin body and snow-like skin color doubled the charm of her small and pink nipples. The silence that prevailed in the space clearly increased his stress and this was very erotic for me.

+Keep your head up!

After hearing my first sentence, she took a deep breath and did it.

put my thumb on her reddened cheek and slowly pulled it towards his lips. She understood what she should do and started sucking my finger after a short pause. Bravo good girl! Although it was her first time, she seems to be a good slave.

I grabbed hers hair and pulled her head back.

I opened her blindfold and stared into her eyes with all seriousness:

From this moment you are my whore, you have no authority over yourself, your place is under my feet, your mouth is mine and the reason for your existence is to please me. Do you understand whore?

She stole her glance and said shyly:


I hit her ear so hard that even my hand burned.

I did not hear!

- Yes, sir

+ good

I was facing the couch that was behind it and before I gave her the next order, her thin body and narrow waist, and the butt which was a good size compared to her body, drew my attention.

Come here!

She came towards me on all fours and stopped at my feet. I handcuffed her from behind and fastened my belt. I pulled down the zipper on my pants and took off my underwear.

+suck it!

When she saw her it was clear that she was shocked and you could see the fear in her eyes.

She brought her head forward and closed her eyes and wanted to put my cock head in her mouth, so I stopped her by grabbing her hair.

I pulled her head back, grabbed my ass and slapped her face hard several times.

+ Did you think I would give you the credit of sucking my cock so easily? You must beg for, little angel!

- I beg you, master

I put her face down and pushed her next to the scrotum:

It didn't hear, what are you asking for?

- I ask you to be proud of your whore so that my mouth is yours.

Without saying anything, I lifted her head and put my cock in her mouth.

Well done, now you get to suck it!

Even though she had opened her mouth as much as she could there was still no room in it, and she had to keep her mouth wide open to keep from biting.

So she tried to move her head back and forth without closing her mouth, but she couldn't even get half of it in and she kept holding back.

The fact that she had no power even against my cock was very stimulating for me.

Ten minutes had passed, and as her delay decreased, I was able to keep my cock in her mouth for a longer time!

Every 20 seconds I removed my cock so she could breathe and after two seconds I reinserted it until her whole face was red.

Her mouth was drooling and running down her throat and chest. I really enjoyed this scene!

I held her head up, took out my cock and put it on her face, she should feel its weight on her face and remember her place!

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